The latest Ebay buyer scam where buyers can cheat and steal from Ebay sellers...

After moving overseas from my native US (where I was an Ebay seller with 560 positive feedbacks) I created an account. Since I had great success with Ebay US I expected the same in Australia.

I naively thought that this would be a nice way to spend my time, clearing out my closets and cupboards while providing a service to buyers seeking those same items. That was before I was scammed by Maree Horseman (Ebay username zen-navigation, email

My first listing was to be a beautiful and valuable "Flapper Girl" Paganne by Gene Berk dress. This same pattern dress was selling elsewhere online in mediocre condition (with pulls) for $345. Since mine was in better condition (no pulls but featuring very mild discoloration in a couple of spots), I thought a high-dollar sale guaranteed.

Na├»ve though I was to Ebay scams perpetrated by buyers on sellers, I wrote up my Paganne dress auction listing. I took 11 photos and wrote up a detailed auction descriptio…